“This Perfect Day” was recorded over an 8-month period in 1990-1991. Co-produced with Roscoe Beck, it was an immense amount of fun to make. Basic tracks were recorded on the Harrison 4032 console in Westlake Studio A (later to become legendary as the studio where Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” had been cut). Overdubs were mostly at my Roman Foods Studio and at Estudio Panda in Buenos Aires. When it was completed, Private Music disliked the album, didn’t feel there was anything they could do with it and released me from my contract but very generously granted me back all rights. With a few further overdubs, the album was released in 2003.

Produced by Bill Gable & Roscoe Beck
Engineered and Mixed by Dan Garcia & Steven Strassman
Additional mixing and post-production by Rich Breen
Mastered by Doug Sax
Design and Art Direction by Jack and Laurent Durieux for Milk Graphics