• " Bill Gable is first and foremost a great songwriter but he also has a marvelous ability to incorporate exotic musical elements and seemingly disparate influences into a uniquely seasoned and tasty succotash of third world post-modern sense and style. "
    Walter Becker
    Steely Dan
  • " Bill Gable is a new pop star... adult, interesting and affecting music, sophisticated lyrics set to sweet and daring melodies, sung by a voice that invariably touches the heart. Every song tells a story, each vividly told... The lyrics are curiously straight-forward, their impact coming as a surprise each time. "
    Washington Times
  • " Bill Gable is a groundbreaker... a force to be reckoned with an exotic grasp of world music, sophisticated and unpredictable melodic lines, densely layered instrumentation and crystalline production values... And behind it all is an uncompromising moral consciousness, coupled with a bard's sensitivity. "
  • " Gable's voice blends in with the other instruments, without ever sounding dull. Artist is perfect for AC outlets as well as adult alternative stations that play vocal offerings. Superb lyrical imagery throughout. "
  • " Bill Gable’s recordings are so singular that comparisons with other performances of similar repertoire are not relevant … his extraordinary music NO STRAIGHT LINES is like a curve in the road, a bend in the river and like those earthy metaphors there is no telling what Gable will come up with from song to song, except that he will continue to be the exquisite troubadour that he is capable of being ... This is a disc that I never got enough of even after many hearings. "
    World Music Report
  • " Bill Gable comes across as an old soul throwback to the 70s when men were singer/songwriters and carved out their own unique sound and style… with a team that includes Steve Rodby (bass), Larry Goldings (piano) as well as a mixture of flamenco guitarists, cellists, and Mediterranean sounding horns, reeds and strings… Gable himself keeps the lyrics sounding like American folk tales.  The mix of exotic and traditional keeps each song fresh, and Gable delivers the lyrics like he believes what he sings.  Impressive. "
    Jazz Weekly
  • " How rewarding to hear music so impossible to categorize … NO STRAIGHT LINES is Gable’s finest and most ambitious album yet, every single track a little gem … In its unity of singing, composition, arrangements and musical implementation Gable has succeeded in creating a very special album … I encourage everyone to sit up and deal with this music. Anyone with open ears and an understanding of music will not be disappointed! "
    Musik An Sich (Germany)
  • " Take away the lyrics and the music stands on its own ... Add the lyrics, the soft voice and spontaneous phrasing, and you have an artsy, personal look at a mature musician ... If we must categorize musicians, Bill Gable could be called a jazz singer / poet. While many of his songs reflect romantic, love-torn realizations about life and its transparent ironies, it is the attention to musical detail and the perfect capture of mood with music that make Gable a remarkable artist. "
    Jazz Link
  • " Taking inspiration from his travels in Spain, Portugal and Morocco, Bill Gable’s NO STRAIGHT LINES has been years in the making.  Sophisticated yet accessible jazz-inflected songs shot through with flamenco and North African vibes, it’s an effortlessly brilliant collection and a near-perfect example of cross-cultural cross-pollination. "
    R2 Rock ‘N’ Reel (UK)
  • " Bill has got such an amazing voice, which is a true blessing to listen to, no matter what he sings about, even if it were the yellow pages, I swear you would not stop listening!... No matter which song you put on, “A Million Miles Away,” “I Threw Your Heart,” “Where You Find It,” “Born To Love You” or “Road Of Pain,” they all grab you… This is one of those albums you want to check out over and over again, because you can always find something new here and that makes this album a must-have! "
    Strutterzine (Holland)
  • " Bill Gable carves a niche in the pop and jazz standard genre with poignant and personal songs backed by flamenco, world jazz, neo-classical, and pop elements … Inspired by destinations never reached, NO STRAIGHT LINES offers a spirited record of hope, love, and freedom to be one’s self--no matter what people say. Subtle jazz horns, delicate acoustic guitars, and light percussive arrangements cement Bill Gable in a group of very talented musicians. Fans of laid-back, neo-classical, jazz, and pop standards with a world music presence will love NO STRAIGHT LINES. "
    Inside World Music
  • " Bill Gable is an exacting perfectionist with his voice (as well as guitar, synths, percussion, sanfona and other instruments)... balanced by Mr. Gable's rather devil-may-care, yet perfectly controlled, vocals. I realize that that may seem contradictory to my "perfectionist" comment made earlier, but all you need to do is listen...and it will all become clear to you...I promise! Buy this CD and enjoy! "
    Syndicated Columnist Lucky Clark
    Music In Review
  • " Gable has come up with an accomplished mix of pop, jazz and world music that sounds like nothing else on the radio today... I was reminded of Paul Simon's Afro-pop hybrid "Graceland." To start making a lot of comparisons, however, would be a disservice to a highly original voice. "
    MAC Report
  • "One of the most inventive works I've heard in years. A terrific blend of poetry with a unique vocal style and the music is a combination of jazz, folk, classical, latin and so much more. Really refreshing. "
    Russ Davis, Music Director
    WQCD-FM, New York City
  • " Gable's music has been described as having a "pure, naive, almost rural quality." While I must agree with this description as far as it goes, there's much, much more to Gable's music ... An accomplished and classically-trained pianist and cellist, he also exhibits an extraordinary talent as a songwriter and lyricist... a musical signature all his own...sure to please those who are looking for more meaningful music.  Highly recommended! "
    The Herald, Allaire, N.J.
  • " Bill Gable’s music is beyond category, jazzish, lyrical, melodically memorable, with appropriate, sophisticated guitar accompaniment.  There is often enough a Latin-Brazilian tinge to this music, so that if this were a Brazilian artist singing in Portuguese it would not feel out-of-place.  There is a good bit of saudade in the lyrics, even… NO STRAIGHT LINES showcases Gable’s talent and artistry extremely well.  These are songs others might well cover, though his way with them are so much a part of the package that other versions would remind you what he brings to it all.  Bill Gable is a talent!  You won’t forget this one if you listen a few times.  Excellent! "
    Gapplegate Guitar & Bass Blog
  • " Composed over a decade, the eleven songs of NO STRAIGHT LINES are the distillate of long wanderings between Fes, Lisbon and Andalusia, of literary references Lorca and Pessoa and patient work of sublimation. A disc with strong Mediterranean accents . . . intertwined with complex writing, rhythmic traits and melodic jazz . . . able to embody the passion of flamenco, nervous pulse of Latin jazz, nostalgia of a samba, with the sensual nuances of a pop soul of yesteryear.  Portuguese guitars, Moroccan flutes, Turkish clarinets and cajon interact here in truly magnificent crossover jazz. "
    Music Bin (Italy)
  • " Bill Gable is an American songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist.  His third album NO STRAIGHT LINES was mainly written on recent travels through Spain, Portugal and Morocco and is undoubtedly influenced by these musical cultures, although his style has a jazz streak that reminds one very much of the first Loggins & Messina album.  The album features many musicians, with Gable writing, producing and mixing everything.  A CD you can listen to with pleasure, characterized by Gable's very appealing voice that sounds like a mixture of Kenny Loggins and James Taylor... "
    Late For The Sky (Italy)
  • " The classically trained Bill Gable, reared in America's Midwest, composed most of his album in hotel rooms in Morocco, Spain and Portugal.  His travels resonate through his songs.  Steely Dan's Walter Becker called Gable "a great songwriter [with a] marvelous ability to incorporate exotic musical elements and seemingly disparate influences."  I couldn't have put it better. "
    15 Minutes Magazine

Some of the many musicians Bill has performed, recorded or written with are listed below, in no particular order. Much of their remarkable music is available online:


Airto Moreira, Carl Wilson, Gerry Beckley, Robert Lamm, Dino Saluzzi, Toninho Horta, Nana Vasconcelos, Luis Conte, Branford Marsalis, Bruce Hornsby, Mark Egan, Stephen Barber, Eduardo del Barrio, Jorge del Barrio, Larry John McNally, Parthenon Huxley, E, Leon Ware, Daniel Goldberg, Pino Marrone, Lew Soloff, Orestes Vilato, Leon Gieco, Manolo Badrena, Jeff Porcaro, Heitor Pereira, Sandro Albert, Bob Sheppard, Antonio Adolfo, Steve Rodby, Jerry Marotta, Rob Mounsey, Vince Mendoza, Gabriela, Eliza Gilkyson, Jon Lind, Casey Scheuerell, Octavio Bailly, Jon Clarke, Tom Brechtlein, Roscoe Beck, Robben Ford, Julie Christensen, Jimmy Haslip, Russell Ferrante, William Kennedy, Steve Croes, Paul Socolow, Paulinho da Costa, Nelson Faria, Jim Lang, Alex Acuna, Gene Bowen, Perla Batalla, Marc Russo, Judd Miller, Marilyn Scott, Brenda Russell, John Pisano, Joey Baron, Bob Magnusson, Judd Miller, Larry Goldings, Dmitris Mahlis, Greg Ellis, Joey Heredia, Kai Narezo, Ethan Margolis, Chris Bleth, the Eclipse Quartet, Manuel de la Cruz, Alberto Solar, Leon Ware, Linda Tavani, Alfredo Caceres, Stefano Ghittoni, Marco Rigamonti, Nichelle Monroe…