Session Notes

During the 1970s I devoured a huge amount of music from Brazil.  One of my favorite songs was “The Sea Is My Soil,” which I believe I first heard on a Tamba Trio album.  The song was written by the legendary Dorival Caymmi.  His daughter Nana still remains my favorite female Brazilian singer.  And it is to his son, Dory, that I owe a huge debt of thanks in telling me I should sometime read Fernando Pessoa, whose writing has had a huge effect on me.   

When I moved to Los Angeles in 1980 I soon became dear friends with the guitarist John Pisano.  We put a band together for a while and we shared a love for and knowledge of Brazilian music.  When I played this track for John his response was unlike that of anyone else before or since.  He cracked a smile and said “you’re parodying Dorival.”  Though my lyrics were skewed and not something Dorival would ever write, he got the joke.