Session Notes

This is one of my favorite tracks on any of my records and one of my favorite and more idiosyncratic songs.  The lyric (and the production that followed) is from the point of view of an unborn child inside the womb. 

I love Steve Rodby’s muscular playing on this.  Like me, Steve resides in-between pop and jazz, influenced by both.  Sometime I should release all of the tracks Steve and I have played on together as duets.  He and I have talked about this many times before, how well our playing fits together.  Someday we need to do our thing together live too.  I was introduced to Steve by Lyle Mays…all of us fellow Midwesterners.   

I had a blast in the studio with Dino Saluzzi in Buenos Aires recording his parts in the middle of the night.  My friend Pino Marrone must have put that session together, because I’d had no prior contact with Dino.  I loved Dino’s contemplative ECM records and was really curious to hear how he might play on a song like this.  It took him far out of his sweet spot but he was really enthusiastic and added a personality to the song it wouldn’t have had otherwise.