Private Music (BMG)

“There Were Signs” was recorded in 1989 for Private Music and released worldwide by BMG. A couple of tracks were based upon demos I had previously recorded at the Record Plant in 1984, but otherwise all basic tracks, lead vocals and most overdubs were cut at my Roman Foods Studio in Los Angeles. The album was co-produced by Rob Mounsey, who came in at the overdub stage and helped immeasurably in putting the finishing touches on the project. Engineer Dan Garcia and I shuttled back and forth between Rob’s Flying Monkey Studios in New York and my place in LA doing final overdubs, eventually mixing it on a vintage Neve 8068 console at the now-defunct Hollywood Sound Studios. At its height, selections from “There Were Signs” were in medium and heavy rotation on over 150 stations across the U.S. The single off the album, “Go Ahead And Run,” reached #45 on Billboard’s AC Singles chart. 

Engineered and mixed by Dan Garcia

Mastered by Doug Sax