Session Notes

Although I have primarily used guitar in my work as a singer-songwriter, my first instrument was piano, which I started studying at age 3.  I played a fair amount of keyboards on There Were Signs, but this idiosyncratic piano part was the only piano played by me on this project.  Something of a primal scream, I have a great recollection of Manolo Badrena (all of his hair died some strange reddish color at the time and all parted entirely over onto one side of his head, as I recall?) gathering up every single percussion instrument within arms’ reach, throwing them all in big canvas bag, and shaking the huge thing on the downbeats in the final verse and beyond.  He was a blast to work with.  Rob Mounsey had the cool counter-line background vocal idea, one of many great contributions he made to the album.  This is one song on the album based on tracks I recorded at the original Record Plant years earlier, thanks to my buddy engineer Mike Beireger getting me a bunch of spec time there.