Session Notes

“Mud” was recorded for my unreleased album Shovel Of Dirt, an album based on and set in the Midwest.  The backbone of the album was an epic 10-minute track entitled “Gone Down The River” about the monumental 1993 Midwest floods that caused over 50 deaths and washed out over 100 levees on the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers.  Given the record devastation that occurred across the Dakotas, Nebraska, Kansas, Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, Wisconsin and Illinois, the topic of “mud” seemed worth exploring in another song.  Jim Lang contributed the synth horn stabs and the sweet pie-pan backbeat, plus some hilarious “bubbling mud” sounds that my all-too-often-lacking better judgment kept me from including in this mix.  After I released This Perfect Day I gave some thought to returning to Shovel Of Dirt, but by then Katrina had happened and I felt any song like “Gone Down The River” about monumental floods would feel exploitative so I never pursued it.