Session Notes

This lyric was inspired by Fernando Pessoa, in particular the poetry of his Alberto Caiero heteronym.  Here is one I particularly love:

To think of God is to disobey God
Because God wanted us not to know him,
And therefore did not show himself to us . . .

Or this one by the Ricardo Reis heteronym:

No one, in the vast and virgin jungle
Of this unreckoned world, ever sees
  The God he knows.
Only what is borne upon the wind, upon the wind is heard,
All we ponder, our loves, our gods,
  Pass on, because we do.

This recording finally brought my dear friend Eduardo del Barrio and me together on a commercial project.  Years ago he wrote a wonderful Bartok-inspired string quartet arrangement for the song “Gone Down The River” off of my unreleased Shovel Of Dirt album, but the recording session was a disaster and the results unusable.  (Painful lesson learned: if you don’t give the players a great monitoring system, you only have yourself to blame if their intonation is horrible.)  Edu’s arrangement here is a jewel, played beautifully by the Eclipse Quartet. 

The little percussion part is me tapping on a music stand with my fingers.  The track is rounded out by Jimmy Haslip on acoustic bass guitar.