Session Notes

This lyric was inspired by Rumi.  One of the reasons for his endurance and popularity over the centuries is no doubt his playfulness, while at this same time remaining incredibly provocative. 

We obviously are all one.  In my own humble and playful way I wrote this as a challenge to Islamic fundamentalism, to any fundamentalism, for that matter.  To shorten the already-long song to make it suitable for the record, I unfortunately needed to remove perhaps my favorite verse, which I plan on putting back in when playing extended versions live:

If it’s my time I’ve had my say
I’ve had my fill of music already
so take me now oh and by the way
do you know the changes to Rock Steady?

There could be no more repressive or misplaced impulse than one to forbid music.  I'd put Aretha up against the Taliban any day.  She'd get them grooving.